The End of the World

Good News everyone!

This weekend 8-9 July the End of the World is coming!

After a test period of several months, where we put in/out different plugins, break things, burned anothers and enjoyed every second of it, we think we are ready to play. 

We are going to restart the map for a completly new one and start to play from the begining. We will make a copy of the old map and put it free to download and play.  The map will have a Noob-Time where only the regular players will have access to the server. This Noob-Time will last during 1 month or until the basic rail system is done, so the time will be a bit flexible. After it, the whitelist will be open for all of you who want to play.

For this weekend, there will be a Big Party with food, sweets, fireworks and creepers to explode!

Questions and suggestions, comments and mumble.


See you!

The NoobLounge Team

Photo by Jakob Skjerning

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  1. Perseus kindly offers to continue the map online. So if you want to play the actual map connect to to work on your old projects. If everything works fine, I will shut down the server on Friday evening and pass the backup to Perseus.

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