Nooblounge Convention 2017 The End (apparently)

Ignore all we said and ever did for this years convention.

After a lot of people noticed they had something else planned for the weekend, and a few of the remaining said they wouldn’t want to come anymore, as some other people aren’t coming, it seems that almost nobody is coming anymore.

In other words it just isn’t happening.


Old Post:

This years convention is fast approaching. So as a notice for all of us who are forgetful, here is the doodle list again. We will be expecting everyone who entered themselves for the 28th, 29th and 30th of July on said days in Ulrichskirchen, Austria.

If anyone else wants to come, just write a short message to either Reuklef or me (Perseus) on Telegram or WhatsApp or just leave a comment down below.

Don’t forget to bring the following:

  • a towel
  • weatherproof clothing and boots, which should also be suitable for some trekking
  • some old and resilient clothing, able to withstand the horrors of paintball
  • sunscreen, maybe a nice hat
  • one ore more air mattresses or beds, a bed-sheet or a thin blanket, the nights probably won’t be cold, and a large towel (don’t forget the towel, it’s very important)
  • imagine the list continued the way it would be in a primary school when you went somewhere

See you soon,



ps: The link for the doodle list is actually here:

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