Welcome to the new home

Welcome all!

As you have seen, we moved our old home to a new one, and the house is a bit messy and upside down after the change.

A lot of things have changed and a lot other will be in the incoming weeks. Some changes you will notice, others will be more unnoticed.

But… what has really changed? Let’s see.

  • First of all, we closed the user registration until the system doesn’t become the new Skynet and kill you all for a typo or a wrong password.
  • Your user profile was cleaned and you should build it again, adding pics and info.
  • The authkey was temporarily disabled, until its full integrated with the new system. But is still working for the running game servers, so don’t worry at all. You just can’t create a new one or reset it.
  • The mumble viewer is there. It displays who and where are connected to the server at this moment. Even you can select the room and join mumble in only one click. More info here.
  • We have Forums!! Yeah, really, and very empty in fact, so please feel free to visit them and write something, even if it is only one, „hey, i’m alive!
  • We have two new servers, NoobLounge 8.5 and 9.5 and in the near future Nooblounge 10. More info about (in process).
  • The IRC channel is not working anymore due its inactivity. But we have Forums!

What didn’t change?

  • The Monkey. No, really! He is still there, with new ideas, projects and energy. Who is there too are the Annoying Kid, the Domina, the Void, some other animals like flying horses, tuxedo birds, white and black nightmares, even a guy with a guitar accompanied by a whistle guy! We are still here and happy to be.
  • Forge. Still  there and working, with projects running and improving. Check it here.

So, how you can see this is a real new start and a bit slow (all has to be said) but this is because there is not enough time and people working on the project right now and certainly we need some help.

What do we need and how you can help?

  • Writers. People who want to write posts about all, doesn’t matter if long or short, funny or sad, just some nice material.
  • Forum Moderators. Ok, right now there is not so many going on, but we hope in the future will be and we need some tough users there.
  • Video recorders and photographers. Uh, what? yes! we will like to document and share our gaming experience with pictures (screenshots) and videos of our games and experiences.
  • Your comments, ideas, experience and opinions are needed and always welcomed, so feel free to exprese yourself.

If you want to collaborate or you need more info, please write to us to istha@nooblounge.net.


And the most important, come in and enjoy!