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Inexor - New Homepage is online

At the Inexor (formerly "Sauerbraten-Fork") project we made a lot of progress. Warning: Inexor is still in early alpha.

The new Inexor homepage:

GitHub project:

Inexor FAQ:

IRC: #inexor on gamesurge

CEF Demo Video

Particle System: Math curves and fields

Particle System: 3D Jello with collisions

Bezier Curves & Camera Manipulation

Author: Hanack | Date: 19.08.2015 - 22:47

Performance Problem Solved

Just a short notice: the performance problem when entering intermission has been solved.

Author: Hanack | Date: 19.07.2015 - 23:58

SauerFork Project

With this little video we would like to announce the SauerFork project. Though the project is in an early phase, there is a lot of progress.

The development page is on GitHub:

You can reach us on IRC in #sauerfork on GameSurge.

Author: Hanack | Date: 26.08.2014 - 21:19
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So, another NoobLounge Convention

It seems that time is passing by rediculously fast and another midsummer passing by.
Meaning it is time to organize yet another meetup for noobs.
The One said he had an idea about the next NLC, he however vanished once again, so now I'm sitting here once again...

As Germany Hankus said something about Frankfurt, I looked up some possibilities (one) and found a hostel for 17-20€/night.

Frankfurt however is a horribly dusty city. So I think to wash off all that summer dust we should meet at... well somewhere. Prices are no higher than anywhere else and it's in a green and blue environment (my favorite colours).

Have a look at the wikipage for more information.


-Published 23.06.14-

Author: Perseus | Date: 25.05.2014 - 22:55
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